In the creation of the many original art works I’ve produced, it has often occurred to me to do something new. My early years were spent repairing, restoring and reconfiguring historic residential windows for an architectural antiques company, Hawk & Handsaw Ltd. It was hard to not be impressed by the profusion of material treatments evident in the early Chicago windows. It seemed natural in 1979, when I asked my beveled glass crafter to bevel some pieces of wire safety glass. To my knowledge, this treatment had never been done before with this material, but many other patterned and textured glasses had been beveled in a similar way. The result was stunning. I’ve never hesitated to try something that hadn’t been done before. Many of the subsequent innovative treatments include beveling on opposite sides of a single piece of glass, beveling flashed glass, reviving the use of crown glass (sometimes beveled), cut-polished jewels, Clovis glass, stainless glass, mosaics in stained glass and many other unexpected manipulations of the glass palette.

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