Stained Glass Sculpture

The idea for Architonomous Art Glass began in early 1994. I had created many decorative, stained glass objects, mainly jewelry boxes. A friend suggested that I could take one of my box lids and put it on a plate stand and display it as an object d’art. I began sketching this idea, and it kept coming out looking like a piece of furniture or a house. This resulted in a stained glass panel set into an easel. Often these were decorated with architectural elements – finials, spheres, cubes, etc.

Architonomous is an amalgam of the words architectural and autonomous.

Architonomous Art Glass, stained glass sculptures were initially produced in editions in which a design was repeated, but with a different combination of colors, textures, wood species and decorative elements.

Today, I create these works on a singular basis, sparing no time, effort or premium materials. These studied compositions are manifest in sculptural works that are truly beautiful works of fine art.